Caru Cymru

Love Wales



This blog has been created by me, a lover of Wales and a person wanting a better world for us all to live in. I know I’m not alone in having aspirations for better because every day in my work, I talk to people who feel as dismayed as I am and who despair at the fact that we are subjugated by people who don’t put our collective best interests first.

Things are changing, especially post Brexit, and we, I fear, are being left behind. As the world around us changes, I live with a cold fear that over time, our identity will be eroded and we will helplessly slide into an unequal partnership with an English government who need us but don’t respect us. A government whose better interest lies in keeping us small, submissive and grateful for their meagre handouts.

Wales is better than that and we deserve better. From my perspective, independence is the only alternative.  I want us to control our lives. I don’t want, need nor appreciate being dictated to by a soulless stuffed shirt whose greatest interest in our beautiful country lies in pillaging our resources and moaning about having to pay to get in here.

Our media is largely disinterested in us and more interested in maintaining the UK status quo so most people will never know how much our water is worth to England or how we have the natural resources to become a super green country. Most people don’t know that although Welsh MPs think Manchester is intelligent enough to run its own police force, we in Wales are deemed to be too stupid to run ours. Do they know that after flooding our valleys and drowning our villages, England still takes our water, gives us no recompense for it but as a thank you, allows us to control our sewerage and our shit? We can’t control our clean water but we can control our urine.  A spiteful dig at the Welsh man.

Charlotte Church wanted her fucking EU back. I want Wales

I seek contributions to this collective work.  If you love Wales, let’s get together and spread the message. Economists, historians, politicos, experts or simply people like me who have love in their heart, and there are plenty of us, please, let’s work together and take our message out to the Welsh public and beyond. If you want to post anything on this blog, please email it to me on


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