The Curious Case Of An English Historian


Lucy Inglis…..

…..yesterday caused a Twitter stir when she decided that she might shake off some of her maudlin mid-life dissatisfaction by blaming Wales, our people and our language for the cause of her misery. Rather than sit quietly in a darkened room, contemplate her sorry lot and make change, she opted to blame 3,000,000 people hundreds of miles away for what one can only describe as the anti-climactic hole that is her life.

(For those of you who don’t know who Lucy Inglis is, she’s an author, historian, eduation specialist and a mainstream media contributor. Google her. I did and I discovered that she likes to portray herself as an open minded, tolerant, left wing kind of people person. My mind boggled!)

The crux of her feeble argument centres around the fact that as a child she visited a damp school camp and heard the staff speak Welsh. This, she concluded, was an outrage designed to exclude her. She has subsequently held a 40 plus year grudge and now has no qualms about sharing this racist bias with her 9000 Twitter followers. Really, Lucy?

None of us escaped her wrath!- even the ‘toxic’ S4C, home of Fflic A Fflac got a bashing. This, she eloquently recommended in classy sophisticated tongue, presumably along with every viewer and Welsh speaker, should “get royally fucked”.

Lucy is a historian and an educator. Lucy should know better. Alas, Lucy is also a fool.

So Lucy, let me take a moment to educate you. You see, when we speak Welsh, it isn’t because we’re rude or racist, and it isn’t designed to ostracise and demean self important you. The reason some of us speak Welsh to each other is because it is as natural as you and your friends in the shadow of St Paul’s speaking English. We speak Welsh on this side of the border because it’s our language. You speak English on your side because it’s yours.
In fact, there would be a hell of a lot more of us speaking this beautiful language had it not been for the fact that your English counterparts did and continue to do all that they could to wipe it out, something which a person with your credentials must surely know. Are you angry that this colonial mission failed?



We have fought hard to retain Welsh because it is us and we are it. It’s a part of our heritage and our history, something that a historian and educator should surely appreciate without rancour. I wonder why you object and can only put it down to sheer proud ignorance combined with racism. There can be no other explanation.

I’m sorry you feel excluded by us and hope you never come back here but should you ever patronise us with a revisit, it would serve you well to bear in mind that we’re not being rude when speaking Welsh within your earshot. We are actually being bloody polite by switching to English to accommodate you.

I could complain daily that I have had to stop speaking Welsh because the person I’m conversing with is an English speaking monoglot, but I don’t and neither does anybody else that I know. We don’t do that because far from being the miserable, rude nation that you describe, we actually compromise linguistically every day. We live our lives making that compromise. People like you never thank us for it. Instead, you attack us when we don’t jump over the language barrier and land on you side with unadulterated glee. We in Wales swim the metaphorical river every day to meet you on your language shore. In response, people like you refuse to even dip their toes in the water to accommodate us. Yet we, not you, are the hostile ones? Do you want to take a moment to think about that one? I think you should.

You’ll doubtless find this post rude, obnoxious, aggressive or any number of adjectives which help promote your anti-Welsh crusade but I don’t care, Lucy, because I find you rude, obnoxious and aggressive too. By this point in time, I’m tired of reading pettiness from people like you who treat me and Wales with contempt. I’m also keenly aware that were you to demonstrate such hostility against Jewish or Muslim people, you would be universally condemned for your outspoken views. Perhaps that’s why you have settled your beady little eye on Wales?

I think we receive your abuse because you think you can get away with it, and perhaps you would attack Jewish or Muslim people if you thought you could get away with that too. I don’t know. Is attacking Welsh people the go-to and the cowardly closet bigot’s natural home, maybe? Perhaps we get it because you think we are too timid to stand up for ourselves in a world where few others stand up for us?  Perhaps you have never questioned your English God given right to talk about us like shit? Or perhaps you’re a vile bully in all walks of life? I don’t know and will never find out because, thankfully and by virtue of being Welsh, I will never be good enough to be a part of your social network.

The more I think about you, the more angry I become by your response to our reaction. Why assert  “aren’t they hateful people” when we dared to defend ourselves? Do you expect us to lay down and show no resistance to being kicked? Well sorry we weren’t willing to roll over and play dead for you, Lucy, but this doesn’t make us hateful. It just makes us sick of it, of you and of the hateful bile that spills all too readily from your biased and intolerant English lips.

So thanks for reading this, Lucy, ( and I know that you have read it despite your ignoring of it)  and thanks for your time. Your vile bigotry opened an unnecessary can of worms and sadly, crying victim won’t put those worms back in that can. Perhaps educating yourself, revising your hostility and accepting us as a distinct nation of individuals will though. Saying sorry might go some way to righting things too. Stopping before you persecute people, that too will help.

So to conclude, I kindly suggest that you and all people with a similar sense of entitlement revise their colonial attitudes and accept that you do not, can not, never have been and never will be more important than what we as a small nation of proud, generous, open minded, tolerant people have been put through by your precious England. Despite everything that has been thrown at us, we are still here. Attitudes like yours only serve to make us stronger

And with that, you may now slip your superior self back under your flag. Hwyl!




Attitudes such as Lucy’s are commonplace. If, like me, you are tired of being insulted by people who view us as second class, take a look at these websites. #independence #indycurious #indyconfident #indywales. Yes, we can!

Don’t know about you but me, I’m bored, sick and tired of being told that Wales is second class, substandard, inferior, unwilling, unable and uncooperative. If England and the English really believe this to be true, they should let us rule ourselves




39 thoughts on “The Curious Case Of An English Historian

  1. I have to say,what did she expect? You attack a group of people, any group of people, you are gonna get a reaction. Or maybe that was the point? Was she bored and fancied a bit of controversy? Or did she expect vast swathes of English people to launch themselves at their keyboards in furious agreement? Well no, I’m not standing by your side young lady, you’ve made your bed of bigotry, now go lie in it.

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  2. Simple really everyone has to pay to come into God’s country. We don’t want or need bigots like Lucy. We are the land of song and poetry. No one can sing like the Welsh. We are a special people but no better or worse than any other race. I suggests she gets a life. I feel sorry for her as her life is miserable no matter what qualifications she has.

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  3. Diolch! I wish my Welsh was better (dw i’n dysgu) so that I could comment in Welsh but sadly that day is in the future. However I’m determined to get there!
    A fine, eloquent response to bigotry and I take my hat off to you ❤

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  4. Great answer to a person who wasn’t exactly deserving of such a polite, eloquent reply! It is really worrisome how even “nice” people seem to be quite at ease with holding very racist views of the Welsh. Five years ago I wrote this piece:…/cenedl-heb-iaith-yw… When it was published, we had quite a shock from the reactions of many (English) friends who thought the idea of an independent Wales was utterly ridiculous, mainly because the Welsh were so inept (in their English opinion), couldn’t possibly govern themselves! I’ve been a fervent proponant of Welsh independence ever since…

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  5. Excellent Thanks to the author who speaks for many of us A historian who seemingly has no knowledge of the original language of Britain A little reflection on the means and legal measures historically to obliterate all our Celtic languages might help Its our language- it’s part of me- what makes me who I am Lucy is indeed beneath contempt

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    1. Why should her words be ignored? If she was espousing such hatred at any other group of people, she would be reviled.

      Despite our grooming, Welsh people shouldn’t have to turn the other cheek. I can’t imagine why any self respecting person would ever think it’s OK to allow her racist bigotry to go unchallenged


  6. My Mother in law came to live in Wales and took offence at any Welsh person speaking Welsh to each other if she was in the room because she thought if it was the other way around she wouldn’t exclude them but that wasn’t true it was because it was Welsh. If it was in Spain or Italy or anywhere else she and most people accept people speaking their own language. It’s simply because it’s Welsh and she was ignorant.

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  7. I was horrified the first time I head about the Welsh knot and it’s use by those English colonialists to attempt to crush those who simply spoke their own language. Also when I mention it to people here in England how few know about it. Same with those in the Six counties known as Nothern Ireland replacing Irish names such as Sean with the English equivalent John.

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  8. There seems to be a hostility expressed by some towards those who speak one of the indigenous languages within this dis-United Kingdom. Scots and Gaelic attracts the same hostility too, as does Cornish.

    I’m surprised that historian has such a jaundiced view – does she really not know what went on to try and force people in Wales and Scotland to speak English? Awful cruelty, leaving many to grow up ashamed to be caught speaking their own language. Thankfully these beautiful languages still thrive, and more people are now learning them to be able to pass them on.

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  9. It seems to me to be simple jealousy. The Welsh language was spoken by the ancient Britons, part old celt and part Latin after the roman occupation. I’m going back near 2000 years now. The English language wouldn’t appear for hundreds of years, but this stupid woman, with her bigotry and immaturity seems to want to be in control. Our language and culture was here before you my lovely, you can’t drive it out or influence it, because you’re an ignorant arrogant asshole. If you had any intelligence you’d learn the language and then I’d listen to you’re comments.

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  10. I feel sorry for her. I learned to speak Welsh as. child, and enjoy speaking it now. Not to piss off Lucy and her ilk, but because it is so beautiful. All harsh sounds are softened, leaving us with a language that flows and is pleasanT to the ear. That is the reason I enjoy speaking it and will continue to

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  11. The Welsh language is still here despite everything and everyone who has tried to eradicate it. Yma o hyd Lucy Inglis deserves all the abuse thrown at her for her ignorant and hateful comments.


  12. I’m beginning to question what qualifies these so called “historians” to air their views on anything never mind history. We have our pet one in Scotland, Professor Jill Stephenson aka historywoman, who is equally if not more obnoxious than Lucy. Awful people who seem to hate the land the live in or visit because it’s population is not English or subservient enough for them. Good luck to all our Welsh friends of an independent mind.

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    1. Oh god, is she? There seems to be a glut of these people who have convinced themselves that if they talk about as as if we’re pieces of doo, we’ll eventually start to believe them.
      Not sure if I’m being paranoid but it seems to me that they are significantly more prominent post Brexit. Not sure what drives that but hope that a chunk of it inspired by their fear that English rule is about to be eradicated

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    1. The way things seem to be heading they may well get their wish. Left by themselves out in the cold as the Europeans party away. Hopefully Scotland and with luck Wales will have detached themselves from killjoy England by then 😉


  13. Whenever I encounter this sort of narrow minded generalisation and bigotry I’m so shocked. I moved to West Wales a year ago to be with my partner who is Welsh. Although it’s not his first language, he has a good understanding of it and has been teaching me a little. I love the language, I think it’s utterly beautiful and I’m so embarrassed when I walk into a shop and people working there change to English for me. Hopefully I will get good enough soon to have a conversation soon because I have encountered nothing but friendliness and a welcoming attitude since moving here.

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  14. Although I am Welsh, I cannot speak Welsh, when I was growing up, it was not really encouraged, and Welsh lessons were poor and there were very few of them. I am proud to say that Both my daughters went to a Welsh medium school and now my 4 Grand children also attend such a school. This means that from a family where no Welsh at all had been spoken, there are now 6 that are fluent in English and Welsh, but none of them have been taught to make generalisations about any persons of different races or beliefs.
    I am not an Historian but I believe this world will be a better place, if before looking for fault in others, we first have a long look at ourselves

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  15. Da iawn Gwladgarwr for giving such a considered response to this woman’s uncalled for and vitriolic attack on our wonderful nation.


  16. Your reply was bitesized on the Wales Online site and reading it to my Scottish partner (i am a fluent welsh speaker born and bred Yng Nghaerydd and living in Essex) and your perfect, eloquent and passionate reply brought a tear or two to my eyes. It was absolutely perfect and thank you for taking the time to put this woman firmly in her place. You epitomise what is great about us Welsh folk.

    Diolch am eich geiriau.

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    1. Oh my God, what a kind thing to say. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your sending this message.
      I am as happy as can be that the entire episode has gone mainstream because we are having a relative bombardment of similar sentiment being expressed againat us right now and it’s tiresome and patheitc. I am glad that I got a chance to put this snob firmly in her place. Actually, it gave me a buzz!

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  17. What a nasty attitude Lucy holds and has obviously clung on to for many years. That kind of thinking can eat away at one’s soul, over time; sad. I moved to North Wales, from England, 11 years ago and am still trying to master the language of Heaven. When I first heard about the “Welsh Not”, I felt ashamed to be English. Maybe Lucy had a bad first encounter but, that can happen in any country and she should be mature enough to know better. Am I being too nice?


  18. I keep hearing more and more people like you referring to people who only speak English as “English speaking monoglots” as if such a person is inadequate, uncultured, narrow minded, unsophisticated and disabled.
    I actually read a book on the topic I just described, the authors argument is that since English was made up on an island and is not part of a larger family of languages such as Latin or Slavic then people that speak it as their only language view all other languages as totally unintelligible and alien, kind of like how the Romans called people who did not speak Latin as the “BarBars” (Barbarians)because when they spoke it sounded like they were saying “Baa Baa”.
    Well I guess I will have to give some more thought to this.


    1. “… referring to people who only speak English as “English speaking monoglots” as if such a person is inadequate, uncultured, narrow minded, unsophisticated and disabled.”
      And the simple answer is “because that’s exactly what they are!” Sorry but face the fact. I appreciate that in many cases it’s not the person’s fault, English ‘culture’ (for want of a better word!) IS remarkably insular. Most English people seem barely aware that Wales and Scotland exist as separate nations, they say ‘England’ when they mean ‘Britain’ or ‘The UK’, the last gasp of the Imperial Outlook, I suppose, hopefully soon to be overtaken by events.
      BTW English is a Germanic language, most closely related to Frisian, and then Dutch, but with very strong French influence from the time of the Normans onward. Far from being isolated, English has taken on board words from many languages, another relic of an imperial trading nation. Although the dominance of English in the modern world has probably more to do with the USA than little old England.


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