Andrew RT Davies,The Great Pretender

Dear Andrew RT Davies

Hello there! How are you? I hope you don’t mind my referring to you as The Great Pretender? It’s a bit tongue in cheek, I know,  but I think it really suits you on very many fronts. Let me explain…

Firstly, of course, I refer to it in light of your salivating excitement that Dafydd Elis Thomas has left Plaid and that this somehow gives you the position of ‘official opposition’ and with it a stab at some non existent throne.  The pretender to the throne. Get it?  It makes me laugh.

Secondly, I call you it because from the way you talk, you don’t seem to have much going on behind your bluff and bluster. Day after day, there you are wheeled out before the rolling cameras to remind the nation that everybody bar yourself is useless. You make a great show of demeaning everybody else’s efforts as if they are second rate but even so, you  contribute nothing constructive of your own.  Perversely, that too makes me laugh.

And thirdly, and this is the point I am really worried about, I call you it because you are still full of some peacock like swagger over Brexit.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the pomposity with which you greeted the result or your assertions that everybody other than yourself (and UKIP) were out of touch with the people. You loved that you were proven right over this, didn’t you! Hey – which did you love more? Your ‘rightness’ or Leanne Wood’s ‘wrongness’ over it? Six of one, half a dozen of the other, I don’t doubt. Unsurprisingly, this is something which I’m not laughing about.

Without wishing to sound too disparaging, I totally get that as an underdog and something of a political loser who is repeatedly ignored and treated as somewhat of a pariah in Cardiff Bay, there must have been a buzz when the vote went your way ( but now that the dissecting of those votes has happened, why are you still acting smug? If I was you, I would be feeling very ashamed right now.

This is a very revealing scrutiny of voting reasons and it doesn’t reflect well upon you or your party. You may or may not have seen it but the analysis here reveals that it was those communities who have been most penalised by your parties harsh approach to austerity which voted leave the EU. It makes no bones about it – those places which have seen the greater cuts, and those people who have been most punished by a brutal Conservative government were the ones who voted leave. It necessarily follows then that a Wales which has been left to linger close to the bottom of any wealth comparison table was always going to look for an alternative, doesn’t it.       Immigration and the responses to it were evidently a secondary painful response to the cuts imposed by your government in London and its disinterest in the people of Wales. I think you must know this and question, if you don’t know it, why you pretend to be a leader of merit?

When you were celebrating the Welsh Brexit result, what was your motivation, Andrew? Was it a celebration of our poverty? Had Wales been wealthier and better equipped as a nation, we would probably have voted to stay but your party directed our vote. And you, as leader of that party, have to take a great share of responsibility for it. You also, far from swaggering like the cat that got the cream, now have to accept responsibility for the fact that as a consequence of that vote, you have imposed even greater poverty upon us. And still you’re happy. If I was you, I would hide.

You say that Leanne Wood failed to understand the voters in Wales with regard to the referendum. I put it to you that she understands them, their discontent and their motivations all too well. I also put it to you that it is you, not her, who needs to reflect upon what Brexit tells us about our precious country and kindly ask you to remember that as you snipe from the sidelines, she is trying to make a difference. It’s also possible, isn’t it, that while the Conservative party in London continues to disenfranchise our people and keep us ever dependent upon this cruel union which treats us as incapable and second rate, she and Plaid Cymru have a greater burning ambition for and confidence in us.

Remember, Andrew, that during these disquieting times, this week alone has seen an elected representative of your party attempt to make still supporting ‘remain’ a treasonable act thus seeking to penalise the entitlement to free speech in the UK and another (a Welsh Tory, one of your own) has recommend that children in the inhumane Calais camp have their teeth checked to determine their age before giving them refuge. Fascist politics and dog-whistle politics from your own party which you haven’t yet seen fit to either comment upon or distance yourself from. Perhaps you’ve been so busy bitching about Plaid Cymru, you’ve been too distracted to notice the wider political world around you? Or maybe you agree with these two men? Your silence is difficult to dissect.

So yes, you’re the Great Pretender, pretending that you’re doing well, your need is such, you pretend too much – but you’re useless. And yes, we can tell

Thanks for reading! Hwyl.

Y Gwladgarwr


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