Who or what is Claire Fox?

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A quick search reveals that she was raised in Flint, the daughter of Irish parents, attended what she calls a ‘bog standard comp’, got a 2:2 in some polytechnic or other, got involved in various companies that were sued for libel or which went bust and fell off the face of the earth and now offers herself as a gob-for-hire on, amongst other things, radio 4 and Question Time. Occasionally features as an opinion writer ( fluff merchant) in such highly regarded daily offerings as The Mail and Telegraph.

Describes herself as a libertarian and likes to portray herself as an agent provocateur who challenges decency and courtesy by defending, for example, Gary Glitter’s right to download images of children and suggesting that rape isn’t necessarily the worst thing that a woman might experience, and who then rubs her hands in glee at the reactions she prompts, describing her dissenters as belligerent and molly-coddled snowflakes.

Last night Ms Fox chose to blame the Welsh language for the fact that our schools fared so poorly in their PISA tests.


Describing herself as an academic (albeit one who’s opposed to people learning new skills), one might be tempted to believe that here speaks a woman who knows her subject and who is well versed in Welsh education, its successes and failures and comes armed with well considered proposals which might better the system. Alas, no. Claire Fox hasn’t analysed the PISA results, has no understanding of what PISA measures and, sadly, has nothing to offer other than Twitter barbs. Anti Welsh language Twitter barbs. Claire Fox is a high profile, self publicising inhabitant of that place over the border and she wants children on this side to learn anything other than the language of their homeland.

Poor Claire struggles, be it due to low intellect or general entitlement, to appreciate that our language is a living and breathing one and that for many of us, it is more important than English. Her anguished plea for an explanation almost made me weep. “WHY people……WHY???? Why do you insist on speaking a language that I don’t understand and which I don’t respect. WHY?????”


I could write a response to this but feel that I have already covered that one when I wrote to Lucy Inglis.https://ygwladgarwr.wordpress.com/2016/09/29/the-curious-case-of-an-english-historian/

Besides, the increase in anti Welsh sentiment has become more prominent since Ms Inglis raised her empty head above the parapet and these days, I no longer have the patience for civility. In my humble opinion, Claire Fox is an idiot.

So last night Claire Fox did three things: She introduced the subject by blaming the Welsh language, then she praised bilingualism ( as long as it’s not Welsh/English, presumably) and then she wound her diatribe up with this.


After offering her opinion on bilingualism, she decided that said bilingualism wasn’t related to the series of tweets she was offering an opinion of bilingualism upon. Dizzy? Like a dog chasing its tail, so is she.

In Claire’s world of indulged fuddlement, she has failed to recognise that here in wales we have a health service in decline, communities in decline, opportunities in decline. I don’t know whose fault this is – is it the Westminster government’s or is it the fault of our own unambitious Labour government who have run the shop (down) since 1999? The finger has to be pointed somewhere, but scapegoating a language? It shows how out of touch Ms Fox really is.

For that reason, I file Claire Fox in my special T for Troll drawer and lock her away in a dusty corner. I’m aware though that she and other gobby mouth pieces are breaking new ground now in their undermining of our language. Although I’m no conspiracist, I can’t help but wonder if they are a part of an all out campaign to diminish Wales and to assimilate us, our country, our customs and traditions and turn us into just another part of England. People like the opinionated Ms Fox seldom work without an agenda, and they rarely work for the common good.

Imagine if Wales was independent! If it was, perhaps Ms Sneaky Fox would have kept her baseless opinions to herself, just as she has done with other world education systems. If we were an independent country, she would probably have no interest in demeaning our language – in fact, we might even become a part of the bilingual world that she admires. But while we are tied to ( owned by) England, Welsh is viewed as nothing more than a petty inconvenience which causes people like her to feel awkward. On the upside, the more that people like Claire cluelessly opine, the stronger the Welsh independence movement becomes. Perhaps we should ask her for daily doses of hogwash. 👍



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