Michaela Beddows, Llangennech, Labour and the UKIP connection

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This post exists to establish a clear timeline and indisputable evidence that Labour in Llanelli, as Carwyn Jones (First Minister) knows, are working alongside UKIP and far right sympathisers. It’s not a narrative and is merely a presentation of facts – each time there has been any room for interpretation, either on Twitter or on other blogs, Labour members, councillors or activists have posted comments designed to make people wonder at the accuracy. I’m not leaving them any room to do that so apologies if it appears to be a clinical blog post but this way, and with it being presented on a facts only basis, they cannot lie to twist the truth.

Also, I take no credit for any of what you are about to read. I have done nothing more than collate other people’s work. A massive THANK YOU to PLAID CYMRU supporters and defenders of the truth for sharing their screenshots online and allowing me to use them here.


Michaela Beddows joined the Labour party in June or July, 2015 as evidenced by a screenshot of her tweet at the time


A few weeks after joining, she was sharing posts by the EDL on Facebook


Additionally, during that time she became good and close buddies with Jacques Protic, notorious right wing racist and anti Welsh campaigner who, alongside expressing an intense dislike for Welsh people and our language, chooses to refer to other people in pejorative terms – haggis muncher, Chinkie, Ruskie, Jock, Paddy, Frog, Kraut, Taffy, Boyo being just some of his xenophobic adjectives of choice. If you have the stomach for his words, you will find him on Twitter under the user names Glasnost.org and SteveStacey4 and also on any number of newspaper comment sites under variou nics. If you see the word ‘moribund’, Jacques Protic won’t be far behind. You can also find him on his own anti Welsh hate blog Glasnost.Org.

In keeping with her right wing preferences, Michaela has a strong dislike of refugees and believes that if she does, then the rest of us must do too. In fact, she finds refugees so unpalatable, she threatens to use them as bargaining chips in her campaign against the Welsh language.  DON’T ALLOW PEOPLE TO SPEAK WELSH OR I’LL SET THOSE UNDESIRABLES ON YOU.


You get an idea of Michaela and her dark mindset now, I hope.

So here’s where things start to take an even darker turn.

Michaela is a determined campaigner against the change of language policy at Llangennech school. Some people may remember her hostile appearance on Question Time last year where she raised that subject as a means of attacking Leanne Wood.


Plaid Cymru run the council which is overseeing the change (as directed by the Labour govt policy). Michaela hates Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood and the Welsh language. When challenged, she will repeat ad nasueum that she has no beef with the language and that her only concern is Llangennech school but a plethora of screenshots contradict that claim. Michaela, like her friend Jacques Protic, is opposed to Welsh in all its forms.



So full of contempt is she, she has now involved  UKIP in her fight. Neil Hamilton has, predictably, delightedly stepped in to aid her and to stir up trouble, and he has done so with Labour’s permission and blessing.

Here’s the Labour team discussing her invitation to Hamilton. The idea here is that he, as a person who courts publicity,  would shine a light on what Ms Beddows perceives to be a great injustice – ie, the school changes. Noting that these changes are Labour policy and that all those involved in the conversation are Labour members, activists, politicians, this makes the following even more bizarre. Not remotely surprising that Hamilton would join in, of course, but we can leave him and his abundant dysfunctions for another day.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE HERE THAT AT NO POINT DURING THIS EXCHANGE WAS IT SAID THAT LABOUR DO NOT WORK ALONGSIDE UKIP, THAT IT WAS A BREACH OF THE RULES, NEITHER DID LEE WATERS AM, DESPITE HIS GENTLE ADMONITIONS, AT ANY POINT SAY NO, THIS MUST NOT CANNOT HAPPEN. Why he remained silent in this is anybody’s guess. Desire to intimidate Plaid Cymru? A disinterest in his own party policies? Fear of the bullish Ms Beddows? A closet opposition to the Welsh language? Ineptitude?



Here’s a continuation of the conversation. The Darren Bronham-N with whom Labour share kisses and who they invite back is a UKIP activist and staff member for Carolyn Jones, UKIP AM



This next part intrigues me. Rosemary Emery of Labour thought it was a closed group. Nothing wrong with that – I’m sure we all have such groups when we wish for privacy but why was a UKIP employee and activist invited to be a part of said group and why didn’t anybody object to his being there? Indeed, why was a UKIP employee ever approved by the group admins? Were Lee Waters and Jacqueline Seaward aware of who Darren is?

Very telling that Plaid Cymru were not allowed to be part of this conversation and yet UKIP were welcomed.


Now if Michaela, as a Labour member and activist, was acting alone in her single minded quest, that would be disturbing enough – but as we’ve seen, she isn’t. She has also involved other Labour members and candidates in her fight, one of them being Jacqueline Seaward


So the Jacqueline she refers to in this message is the Jacqueline Seaward mentioned above. Michaela and Jacqueline, as evidenced, are conspiring with the Hamiltons. The Lee she refers to in the message is Lee Waters, Labour Assembly Member for Llanelli. It would be naive to assume that any of this was allowed to happen without the knowledge of Llanelli MP, Labour’s Nia Griffith


It is clear from her message that they have all been working and conspiring together.

In an effort to throw people off the trail, Labour are presenting any number of excuses and denials. One of their favourites is that Michaela Beddows may no longer be a member of their party.



How eerie that a Labour member who was involved in the Hamilton conversation should feign innocence and lie so blatantly. This is typical of their back pedalling responses right now as they see themselves trapped but unwilling to admit defeat. Similar excuses abound.

No matter what Labour say, however, we know that Michaela hasn’t left the party because she recently spoke to the press and said this

Enter a caption

So it would appear that not only is UKIP/EDL loving Michaela Beddows still a Labour member, she also has her eye on standing for and representing them on the council.

This week in Y Senedd, Leanne Wood raised her concerns

Carwyn Jones, despite disputing that the situation is ‘toxic’ did acknowledge that there is a problem and mentioned that he was not happy with a comment that he has seen. I speculate on this but strongly suspect that he is referring to Michaela’s damning communication with Lee Waters

So far, however, nobody within the party has been suspended and neither are we aware of any internal investigations. Last year somebody was suspended from Labour for liking the Foo Fighters and another for liking a tweet by the Green party. None of that here in Wales, folks! Here you can conspire with UKIP and still be on the payroll.

Council elections are approaching but the media who would ordinarily be all over any UKIP related news are refusing to touch this one. This being so, it’s up to us to get the information out there. In this era of alternative facts and fake news, real news, it seems, is down to us. There can be no excuse for Labour giving UKIP power by hiding it behind a red rosette and we, as people who are opposed to the far right infiltrating our country, have an obligation to make the truth known.


Please share, share and share again. Be unashamed about it. If we don’t take it upon ourselves to out this duplicity, Labour will get away with it and if they get away with it this time, they will feel emboldened to do it again and again.

UPDATE 18/2/2017

Following intervention by Jonathan Edwards, Plaid Cymru MP, Jeremy Corbyn has taken steps to suspend M Beddows from the Labour party. Ongoing investigations are apparently underway. If justice is to be served, we should see a slew of similar suspensions in the upcoming days but I don’t think we will. I think it’s far more likely that, having offered up their embarrassing and intimidating sacrificial lamb (and a Labour minnow to boot) Labour will carry on tootling away and the story will fizzle out.

Meanwhile, well done, Mr Edwards and Mr Corbyn on Beddows’ suspension. Not so sure that this reflects particularly well on Mr Carwyn Ostrich Jones though. Leading from behind again, as is his preference.



6 thoughts on “Michaela Beddows, Llangennech, Labour and the UKIP connection

  1. The fall guys will be most probably be Michaela and possibly Jaqueline But let’s remember those pulling the strings and coaching them Notably Gary Robert Jones who is standing for county council election in May Now that the whole UKIP-far right-Lab alliance is coming to light Gary, of course is stepping back- ‘Nothing to do with me sir ‘onest’
    Shame on the silent collaboration of the MP Nia Geiffiths and AM Lee Walters for ignoring this
    Meanwhile Carwyn stares helplessly by Or canvassing in Stoke
    This insidious acceptance of the far right is reminiscent of the 30’s when the far right infiltrated the Labour Party – with attendant silent collaborators making it possible Shame on them

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Labour have been dabbling in delving into the far right of politics at many levels- from Stephen Kinnocks dog-whistle statements about immigration to test the waters downwards. As you say, Beddows seems to be a rather obnoxious foot soldier, not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, simply being used by certain people at attempted arms length behind the scenes to further this stuff, whilst they can, if need be, absurdly claim to know nothing about it.


  2. What you’re describing are classic Labour Party in Wales tactics that goes back decades.

    They make electoral alliances with anyone who can keep Plaid Cymru or the Tories out of power, all done with tacit approval of Labour HQ in Cardiff and local MP’s and AM’s and then when the stink becomes too much and it eventually reaches national news desks as it has in Llangennech, Labour’s Welsh leaders either ignore the situation knowing the welsh press wont ask to many questions, especially over the welsh language or if they can’t hide they make bland statements and try to put distance between themselves, the local party and individuals involved until there’s a token sacking of a party member who’ll be reinstated when the headlines die down.

    Labour’s been doing similar stuff in the valleys for years and gotten away with it at almost every turn which is why they keep on doing it. At least these days there’s social media and blogs to expose the anti welsh views that are so prevalent in Labour’s structures and grassroots.


    1. Had the Beasleys been taking their political stand now over their rights Ms Beddows would have been in the front row calling for the return of capital punishment for such “offences”.
      Like Michael Jones is alleged to have said she has borders she can cross if she’s so desperate to have her kids educated in English and the nearest is only a few miles away into Swansea authority.


  3. I do not support any party but some of the comments in article baffle me. I have long advocated politicians should work for constituents first & party second and work with each other, irrespective of party, when they have things in common. Even against their party if conscience dictates. To suspend someone for liking a tweet by a member of another party is juvenile. As far as Welsh medium only schools is concerned fine where the majority are Welsh speakers and an alternative English medium school is provided but NOT where majority are English speakers (do not speak Welsh) in my opinion. Plaid appear to be dictating to Labour who want to keep them on board as they have no majority.


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