The toxicity continues in Llangennech

If you are new to the Labour/UKIP corruption in Llangennech, you should probably read this before going further


And so to this week…..

It would appear that some tyres have been slashed in Llangennech. This we know because the Welsh media have been all over the story like a rash. It would also appear that these incidents are a part of a larger local spate of tyre slashing with people from outside the village having experienced similar. Despite the fact that each of these individual reports fall under one inquiry, only the Llangennech slashings made the news. Why? And who reported it to the press?

Dyfed Powys police are investigating and until they find the culprit, we should all assume to know nothing of the motive and yet despite this, yesterday’s papers, physical and online, left us in no doubt that there is a link between the tyres and the school protests. More specifically, they led us to believe that it was an act of hostility carried out by supporters of the schools’s linguistic change from dual stream to Welsh medium.

News reporters in Wales have inextricably and historically linked those supporters to Plaid Cymru, probably because the Llanelli Labour group who pro-actively opposed the changes have persistently and aggressively directed this narrative.




Western Mail went as far as to link a photo of  Cymdeithas Yr Iaith in their report despite the fact that Cymdeithas have no specific political affiliation and have never been involved with Llangennech.  A carefully selected strategy to link the Welsh language with Plaid Cymru and with a non existent anti English language diktat combined with violence


Wales Online took it further still and, stretching the scope of plausibility, also related within the same article the sorry tale of one anonymous woman – a friend of a friend who didn’t wish to be named and who made no complaint to the police but whose unsubstantiated allegations they thought we should know about anyway – as the victim of a horrible physical assault. Another unnamed person had been sworn at, they reported


Both unnamed ‘victims’, predictably, were sympathetic to the local Labour/UKIP coalition who actively and vociferously oppose the changes to the school. The unspoken word speaks volumes, and the unspoken conclusion you were encouraged to draw was that these attacks, real or imagined, and in all their guises, had been made by the people who oppose the Beddows, Hamilton Labour/UKIP group – ie, Welsh language activists, aka Plaid Cymru supporters.

To reiterate, the supporters of the school’s new language policy, regardless of their political affiliation,  are always linked to Plaid Cymru by the protest group in Llangennech

Damage done, now enter Gary Robert Jones of Labour


Hours after the story was published, Gary took to his twitter account to say this

He assured us that nobody in Llangennech had actually contacted the press and that no person from the village had linked the tyre slashing to the row over the school. ‘Honestly, Welsh language supporters and Plaid Cymru members, nobody in Llangennech would do that to you! It was all media hop, skip and a jump’.

Sadly, this, as spin doctors know, is too little, too late. This lie has run a marathon before the truth has even had a chance to put its shoes on and one glance at the pages of any anti-Wales, anti-Welsh keyboard warrior will confirm – Plaid are scum and their Nat supporters are violent thugs. The damage has been done, unless we can right it.

I have questions for Gary

1. If no villager contacted the press, as you emphatically stated, then who did? We know it wasn’t Dyfed Powys police, the only people from outside of the village who could feasibly update them because they have confirmed so on twitter. This begs a question – who else would the media listen to? Who else, apart from a victim of crime or the police, can influence a news story?

Who would gain the most benefit from taking a complaint about tyres being stabbed and using it to their own advantage, and how often have they done something similar in the past?


2. In a village with a population of 7000, how are you so confident that nobody spoke to the press? Did you ask them all? No. The only safe conclusion is that you know who didn’t contact the media because you know precisely who did contact them

3. As no villager contacted the press, where did the fabled sworn at/spat at stories come from?

4. With elections coming up, who most stands to gain from linking Welsh language advocates to this debacle? Certainly not Plaid Cymru so would it be you?

Somebody is feeding lies and lines to an impartial and eternally grateful media who, although they theoretically exist to report the news, actually exist to report spin. Who is that person? Gary Robert Jones of Labour knows who it is but I can only guess. My money, for what it’s worth, would be placed on this. I’d stake a tenner each way on it being either somebody from within Gary’s own party or somebody connected to this man, Labour’s little mole and confidante from UKIP,  a man who has a seething dislike of Plaid Cymru and an inordinate interest in the goings on of a community miles away from his own patch.

Gary Robert Jones will now doubtless have another screaming heebie-jeebie on Twitter and threaten me (and others) with legal action. In response I say, go for it, matey! I would love to see this ugly saga fully investigated. In fact I cordially invite Gary to report me and allow me the privilege of exposing the anti Welsh ( language and country) sentiment that directs this shameful campaign of hate that he’s so heavily embroiled in

How about it, Gary? Are you man enough?


2 thoughts on “The toxicity continues in Llangennech

  1. Another excellent blog, thank you for your continued efforts to expose the rot in Llanelli.

    You’re right about the election connection, Labour started all this to get votes. It would be interesting to do some research and find out how many bogus/planted anti welsh language stories appeared in the press before welsh elections especially ones like May’s where Labour know they are going to do badly in to do as much damage to Plaid Cymru as possible to save Labour seats.

    Last night’s Copeland by-election showed the scale of the problem Labour faces and it would serve them right if Carmarthenshire stayed in Plaid Cymru hands.

    Huw Lloyd wrote this piece today on the fight for a welsh language school in Grangetown, those in Llanelli and across Wales will see parallels


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